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Mulberry Silk Duvet - Single


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Once you’ve slept under a Silk Filled Duvet you’ll never want to sleep under anything else. Here’s why....

Our Silk Duvets (comforter/doona) are filled with 100% natural premium grade Mulberry silk fibre and cased with a high quality 320TC cotton cover. Luxurious, lightweight, and supple, they envelope the contours of your body like a second skin - no airy cold spots here. Silk is vastly superiour to other materials commonly used in duvets like polyester, wool, or down.

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Reasons why Silk Filled Duvets are perfect for everyone

  • Did you know that Silk is a natural insulator?

Silk is the perfect duvet fill material! In the winter the large fibres reduce heat loss from the body, but in the summer the silk wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable. This also means that one duvet will satisfy 2 sleepers who sleep at different temperatures (we're all different)! Brilliance!

  • Silk is naturally hypoallergenic

Silk doesn't succumb to things like dustmites, or smelly mildew like other fibres. If you have asthma, sinus conditions or hayfever we think you'll love our hypoallergenic silk duvets. Ou(more...)