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Zippy Juicer - Cold Press, Cordless, Portable Juicer


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Now you can make juices that are healthier than ever! With no hidden preservatives and full knowledge of where the ingredients are sourced from, get the most from your juices with the cordless Zippy Juicer.

Using special slow juicing and cold press technology, the Zippy Juicer slowly extracts the liquid nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables to leave you hydrated, rejuvenated, refreshed and replenished! Mimicking a hands squeezing method and without the use of blades, the Zippy Juicer retains the natural vitamins, minerals, nutrients and flavours in your fresh fruit and vegetable juices, leaving you with the healthiest and most delicious juice possible!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get much better, the Zippy Juicer is cordless, compact and rechargeable, so you can make fresh, healthy, nutritious and delicious juices anywhere you go! And the Zippy Juicer pulls apart easily to make cleaning a breeze!

Did you know, fresh fruit and vegetable juices can help cleanse your digestive system, improve health functions, s(more...)